You can use the status function to help contributors and reviewers to communicate the status of each individual report section. 

  • To change the status of a section, at the bottom of a page of a section or the report, select the Select one dropdown, and one of the following statuses:
    • Action Required
    • Awaiting Review
    • Requires Revision
    • Approved

For further information about user roles and permissions, go to Author user roles and Author viewing and editing permissions.


Contributors are only presented with the status Awaiting Review. After the Contributor has entered all the required content, they should change the status to Awaiting Review to alert the reviewer with an email notification that the content is ready to be checked.


Reviewers are only presented with the statuses Requires Revision and Approved. The reviewer user should check the content that has been submitted by the contributor. 

Reviewers should either accept or reject tracked changes. For further information about tracked changes, go to Reviewing tracked changes.

Reviewers can make comments on the content, if necessary. For further information on commenting, go to Adding comments to editor questions.

To complete the check, a Reviewer changes the status to either Approved or Requires Revision to alert the Contributor that further content is required or that comments have been made on their submission.

Email alerts for status changes

Administrators can decide if email alerts should be triggered based on status changes. If the administrator has opted to enable email alerts, users will receive automated emails from the Diligent ESG Author system.

If a user has been assigned as a contributor for a section, automated email reminders are sent when the section status is changed by a reviewer or an administrator to Action Required or Requires Revision. This alerts the contributor that the content submitted needs further attention before it can be Approved. If you receive this email, please log into the system, and check your assigned sections for comments or further instruction.

If a user has been assigned as a reviewer for a section, automated email reminders are sent when the section status is changed by a contributor to Awaiting Review. This alerts the reviewer that the contributor believes they have submitted all required content and the section is ready to be checked. The reviewer may change the status to Approved or Requires Revision. If the status is changed to Approved the process is complete. If the status is changed to Requires Revision, the contributor receives a notification, and the cycle is repeated until the content is approved.