There are four main types of Diligent ESG Author user roles that can be created; Administrators, Contributors, Reviewers and View/Edit Only users.

  • Administrators are responsible for creating reports and assigning users as either Contributors or Reviewers. Administrators can also act as Reviewers.
  • Contributors are responsible for providing content that is used for building up reports.
  • Reviewers are responsible for reviewing and approving content provided by contributors.
  • View/Edit Only users are responsible for either viewing or editing content similar to a Contributor or Reviewer however they do not have the added functionality to change the status of a section.

If you have been assigned within Diligent ESG Author role of either an Administrator, Contributor, or a Reviewer, you will have the added functionality to be able to change the ‘Status’ of the section that they have been assigned to. See the section on ‘Approval Process’ for more information about what each status means.

Access levels for role

A user can gain access to a particular section through the following access levels:

  1. View
  2. Edit
  3. Admin


The user can view the name of the section, the guidance incorporated into that section (within the Info Panels) and any new content that has been added by Contributor and Reviewers. They cannot change the content of the section in any way.


The user has the same access as a user with View access, while they can also add, remove, and amend content/responses within that section. However, they cannot change the name of the section or the structure of that section including the guidance and the question type, such as whether the section is an Editor style section, drop-down list section, or a table section.


The user can both view and have edit access to that particular section, however they can also switch to view the section as an Administrator and therefore change the name of that section, the structure of the section including the guidance provided within the Info Panels and change the drop-down list options, whether the question is an Editor Style or Survey Style section.

Users do not necessarily have to be assigned as a Contributor or a Reviewer in order to gain access to either view, edit or have admin access to a particular section. If assigning a user with View access to a section, this allows them to view the section however they cannot change the status of the section. They will also not receive email notifications advising them if the status of a section has changed.

If assigned access to a section as a Contributor or Reviewer, they will automatically be given view and edit access to that particular section. As stated in the previous section, these users will have the added functionality to change the status of a section.