Step 1: Select the settings icon from the top right of the screen and then click on "User Management" button from the drop down menu. 

Step 2: Next select the "Create New User" button.

Step 3: Input the users email address in the email address field, input it in the confirm email field, and click "Next".


Step 4: Select the appropriate user role (from those described below), then click “Finish”.


User Role

Typical User



Company Carbon Champion      

(Sustainability Manager)

- Unrestricted access to create, edit and delete new activities,

add/edit/delete activity data,

- Add/edit/delete facilities and buildings, add/edit/delete users.

- Adjust Organisational Structure

- Assign Users access by facility

- Assign Data Entry reminders by User

Site Administrator

Department Manager, Accounts Manager

- Access to create, edit, delete and close activities/meters for the buildings they manage (buildings assigned by the Administrator to the Site Administrator).


- Access to input data into the activities/meters.


- This is a higher role than the writer role which only allows users to input data, with this role a user can manage the activities/meters for their buildings.



- Ability to run reports, view dashboards, view activity data.

- No ability to add/edit/delete any data


Data Inputters (e.g. Facility Managers, Accounts Dept, Travel Agent etc.)

- Ability to edit activity data


Internal Auditors

- Ability to run reports, view dashboards, view activity data but not ability to add/edit/delete any data.

- Can change audit screen status.


Step 5: The new user receives an automatic email to his/her inbox with an activation link. The account will become active when the user clicks on the link. Then the user can login at


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