Step 1: Select the Settings icon  from the top right of the screen and then click on "User Management" button from the drop down menu. 

Step 2: Next select the "Create New User" button.


Step 3: Input the users email address in the email address field, input it in the confirm email field, and click Next.


Step 4: Select the appropriate user role (from those described below), then click Finish.


User Role

Typical User



Company Carbon Champion                      

(Sustainability Manager)

Unrestricted access to create, edit and delete new activities,

add/edit/delete activity data,

Add/edit/delete facilities and buildings, add/edit/delete users.

Adjust Organisational Structure

Assign Users access by facility

Assign Data Entry reminders by User

Site Administrator

Department Manager, Accounts manager

Access to create, edit, delete and close activities/meters for the buildings they manage (buildings assigned by the Administrator to the Site Administrator).


Access to input data into the activities/meters.


This is a higher role than the writer role which only allows users to input data, with this role a user can manage the activities/meters for their buildings.



Ability to run reports, view dashboards, view activity data.

No ability to add/edit/delete any data


Data Inputters (e.g. Facility Managers, Accounts Dept, Travel Agent etc.)

Ability to edit activity data


Internal Auditors

Ability to run reports, view dashboards, view activity data but not ability to add/edit/delete any data.

Can change audit screen status.

Step 5: The new user receives an automatic email to his/her inbox with an activation link. The account will become active when the user clicks on the link. Then the user can login at

For more information contact Support.