The following are the available roles and associated responsibilities for a Diligent ESG user.

User role

Example user


Accuvio Author User


Access to Accuvio Author where you can edit and review reports.


Company Carbon Champion

Sustainability Manager

Unrestricted access to create, edit, and delete new activities.

Add, edit, and delete activity data.

Add, edit, and delete facilities and buildings.

Add, edit, and delete users.

Adjust organizational structure.

Assign user’s access by facility.

Assign data entry reminders by user.


Internal Auditors

Run reports, view dashboards, and view activity data.

Change audit screen status.

Cannot add, edit, and delete any data.

HighBond Integration Administrator


Access to the HighBond integration related settings.

A Company Admin can assign only one user with the HighBondIntegrationAdmin role in the account. 

This role is only available for accounts who have subscribed to the ESG Board Reporting package.



Run reports, view dashboards, view activity data.

Cannot add, edit, and delete any data.

Site Administrator

Department Manager or Accounts Manager

Access to create, edit, delete, and close activities or meters for the buildings they manage (buildings assigned by the Administrator to the Site Administrator).

Access to input data into the activities or meters.

This is a higher role than the writer role which only allows users to input data. With this role a user can manage the activities or meters for their buildings.

Site Manager


Read only role related to hidden CO2e.

View activity or meter data across activities, meters, and assigned buildings.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data is hidden from users in the GHG Activities, Dashboards, and Reports modules.

Site Operator


Related to hidden CO2e.

Add or amend activities for assigned buildings for a site.

GHG data is hidden from users in the GHG Activities, Dashboards, and Reports modules.


Data inputters such as Facility Managers, Accounts Department, or Travel Agent.

Edit activity data.

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