Note: Only an administrator can complete the following authoring task.

You can build a corporate report with different sections or chapters from within that report and configure the template or question type for that new section for other users. You can choose between two types of questions, editor or survey:

  • Editor questions: A Word document style text editing field.
  • Survey questions: Multiple-choice questions, survey, lists, pre-formatted tables, and various other templates.
  1. In a corporate report in Author, right-click the report title or existing section and select Add Section.
    Note: If you are an Administrator, you are switched over to the Viewing as Administrator view when adding a new section so that you can configure the settings for that section.
  2. In the New Section field, enter a name for your new section.
  3. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description for the new section.
  4. (Optional) In the Section Intro Text section, select an Info Panel tab, and in the Header Text field, enter a heading or a question to add information and guidance for that subsection. For further information, go to Adding info panels to corporate reports.
  5. In the Select Question Type section, select the question type for that new section. For further information, go to Configuring editor questions or Configuring survey questions.
  6. Select Save.