The key functions and responsibilities in an Editor question, depending on your role, are listed below.

  • Users that have been assigned as Contributors are responsible for submitting the requested content.
  • Users that have been assigned as Reviewers are responsible for reviewing the content, and either approving the content or returning the section to the contributor for revision.

Note: Only an administrator can complete the following authoring task.

  1. In Author, select the Switch View icon to set the view to Viewing as Administrator.
  2. Add a new section. For further information, go to Adding a corporate report section.
  3. In the Select Question Type section, select Editor
  4. Select Save.

After you create an Editor question, a Contributor can add content to it. In an editor question, a Contributor is presented with a field that is similar to a Word document. They can use the field and the the toolbar above the field to add text, tables, images, links, comments, and tags. For further information, go to Adding content to corporate reports.