Note: Only an administrator can complete the following authoring task.

You can use the Info Panel tabs at the top of an Editor question to provide added guidance and information to users who will be adding content to the corporate report. Regular users cannot edit the information contained in these info panels but they can use them for reference for the information that they need add to the report. 

  1. After you add a new section or are editing an existing section while in the Viewing as Administrator view, in the Section Intro Text section, select an Info Panel tab to begin adding an info panel and information to it.
  2. In the Header Text field, enter a heading or a question for that info panel. 
  3. In the dropdown beside the Header Text field, select a color for the heading or question. Each Info Panel represents a sub-section that a contributor will add information to.
  4. In the field below the Header Text field, enter some information or introductory text relating to the heading or question. Use this field to provide guidance about the subsection and what content a contributor will need to add to it.
  5. In the toolbar below the Header Text field, you can use the icons and dropdowns to edit the style of the text and add additional items, such as images or tables, in the field below in the same manner as Word. 
  6. (Optional) Select the next Info Panel tab and repeat Steps 2 to 5 to add more subsections.
  7. Select Save.