The Data Completeness Scan schedule can be set up at each activity when the activity is being created or at a later date, these settings can also be updated and changed at any time.


Step 1: Locate the activity you wish to assign the Activity Owners and Managers for through the GHG Activities screen and click on 'Select' to open that activity.

Step 2: Once in the activity click on 'Config' tab and click on 'Data Completeness' tab within the list of headings on the left of the Config screen.

Step 3: In the Data Completeness screen click on the arrow beside 'Non-interval Data - Data Completeness' and then check the box beside 'Enable Data Completeness Scanning (non-interval data) for this activity'. Once this box is check a number of additional fields will appear to be filled out.

Step 4: The options shown will need to be completed as per the requirements of the company, once this is completed you can click on 'Save'. See detailed explanation below.

How often do you expect the data owner to enter/upload data for the Activity?

Options include: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Every Two Weeks, Every Two Months, Quarterly and Four Weekly. Please select one of these options.

Number of days after the current period when the scan should run?

The number of days before scanning after a quarter ends or year ends gives users time to input the data. For the example above, after a quarter ends this gives users a week to input data, so 7 days is input.

There should be at least one data point in each.

Options include: Day, Week, Month, Year, Two Weeks, Two Months, Four Weeks. This option means that you expect at least one item of data to be entered for the selected period. For example, you expect at least one record to be added to this activity every three months, e.g. gas, and electricity bills, water, waste etc.

There should be a point for each individual day: 

Options include Yes or No. Do you expect data to be entered for this activity for each day? By setting this to 'Yes', then the software knows that it is to expect at least one data point for every day in the period selected in the field above. For this example the system is set to expect at least one data point for each day in the month previous to the scan so the software will check that every day in that month has some data associated with it. This is particularly useful for bill validation and metered data.  If set to 'No' then the software will just check that each month has at least one record of data in it.

The first scan will occur on: 

Choose the date here, the scan will check for data completeness in the data from this date to the present.

Scan historic data also? 

Select either 'Yes' or 'No'. If you select 'Yes' a Date Period selector will appear and you must choose a historical start date to start scanning. This is a once off scan and the system will not continually scan historical data. 

*To Note: Data Completeness settings can also be applied in bulk to multiple activities at the one time, please contact for further details.