The Data Completeness test and analysis section are data analysis features. Regular users and administrators can run the test to find and identify late or missing data across the entire organization. You can use the data completeness analysis section to track and monitor data entry tasks, by activity over time to ensure that all the required data for the reporting period has been obtained and input into the system. For further information, go to Viewing and managing data completeness tests.

For the data completeness function to run correctly, you must apply some settings to each activity such as who is responsible for the data entry, how many days late would be considered overdue, or when to escalate to management. You can configure these settings when you are creating the activity or meter, or afterwards. 

Non-interval data

You can configure non-interval tests to scan for missing data. Non-interval data activities include types of data, such as invoices or supplier statements, and is the main scan used. For further information, go to Running a data completeness test on non-interval data.