The Data Completeness analysis screen allow users and administrators to track and monitor data entry tasks, by activity, over time. The user can filter results by activities which are Missing Data for a given period, or an activity which is up to date but is missing the latest data point and is therefore Overdue. Or if the activity's setting has not yet been setup for data completeness scanning, Not Yet Configured.

Step 1: To access the data completeness screen, navigate to the 'Analysis' tab at the top of the screen and select ‘Data Completeness’ from the drop down menu.


Step 2: The Data Completeness screen has two main parts. The first is the chart area and the second is the data table area. The data table and chart area are both filterable using the table search filter, or the  organisational tree view structure and the Data Filters on the left.


Step 3: The chart and table are divided and filtered by the status of the activities/meters, these status’ can include:

  • Up-to-date - The activity data is up to date for the current update period.
  • Pending- This is the default status when Activity completeness settings are not configured.
  • Waiting - The activity is waiting for activity data to be entered for the current update period.
  • Missing Data - Some activity data is missing for prior update periods.
  • Overdue - The activity data is overdue for the current update period.
  • Not configured - Activity setup is not complete.