The Data Completeness section is a Data Analysis feature which helps users and administrators quickly and easily find and identify data which is late, or missing across the entire organisation. 

The data completeness function is a very powerful and very useful feature. In order for it to function correctly, some settings must be applied to each activity such as who is responsible for the data entry, how many days late would be considered overdue, and when to escalate to management etc. These steps can be taken when the activity/meter is being created or afterwards. 

Data Completeness scanning is available for AMR and Non AMR activities. Interval Data Activities are meter only activities that are receiving interval data (data every 15 - 30 mins). This scan checks for missing intervals within the meter upload data sheets. 

Interval scanning can only be setup on half hourly/interval data meters (Electricity, Water or Gas). For all other activities select Non Interval. Non - Interval Data Activities is all other types of data (Invoice, Supplier statements etc...) and it is the main scan used.