If you use this feature, you can only upload one Excel spreadsheet for a single activity for a single building at a time. You can include multiple activity types in the spreadsheet, but only one activity.

  1. In Diligent ESG toolbar, select Data Management and select GHG Activities, Energy Use Activities, Meter Manager, or Transport.
  2. Use the Organisation and Geographic tabs or the column filter fields to search for an activity.
  3.  Select Select beside an activity that you want to save settings for repeat uploading later.
  4. Select New Upload.
  5. In the Emission Category section, from the dropdown, select whether the data you are uploading is from a meter reading or not.
  6. (Optional) If you select Not Meter Reading Data in Step 5, select whether the data format is high or low frequency data. For further information about high and low frequency data, go to What is the difference between High Frequency data and Low Frequency data?
  7. Select Continue.
  8. In the Check List section, use the guidance provided for the columns in your spreadsheet and select Continue.
  9. In the File Upload section, select Select, and select the spreadsheet from your files.
    If you are not using a Diligent ESG template with the correct column titles, you may need to manually change the columns assigned. For further information about Diligent ESG spreadsheet template, go to Spreadsheet Formatting.
  10. Select the checkbox beside the option that you want for the column headings in the uploaded file, First row has column names, Specify row for column names, or Discard first number of data rows, enter a specific row number if needed, and select Continue
  11. In the Sheet selection section, in the Selected Sheet dropdown, select the sheet that contains the relevant data to upload, and select Continue
  12. In the Column Matching section, select the Select a column dropdowns and select the spreadsheet columns that maps to the Diligent ESG database fields. You must map all mandatory fields with an asterisk (*) beside them otherwise the upload will fail.