In Diligent ESG Author, if you are an administrator, you can group user permissions into custom groups. As an administrator, You can create a group of users who have the same permissions. Similarly, if you are only providing one user with unique set of permissions compared to all other users, you still need to assign that user to a particular group.

Assigning users within a group helps to avoid the duplication of effort where Administrators would need to assign a number of users to the same level of access individually. You can create a group of users within the User Group Management tab of the User Access area. You can assign a group of users to either only one report, or alternatively to multiple reports.

Each user within the group has the same level of view, edit, or administration access as all other users in that group. If you add a new user to a particular group, they automatically gain the same level of access as all other users previously assigned to that group.

Note: If other members of the group are assigned as a Contributor or a Reviewer, any new users do not automatically gain this access.  You need to either manually assign this access or provide it to them using the Bulk Import feature.

Before you can add a user to a group and provide them with access to particular sections within a report, you must complete the following:

  1. Create a new user or update an existing user to have an Accuvio Author User role. A new user receives an automatic email with an activation link. The user needs to have a Diligent ESG login username and password and this role. For further information about creating users, go to Creating a new user.
  2. Locate and open the corporate report in Author. For further information, go to Opening a corporate report.
    Note: You can only grant user permissions on a report-by-report basis. To provide users with access to many reports, you need to go into each individual report separately.