You must configure waste fraction activities within the system to a specific emission factor source so that the system can upload data to the activities.

To configure waste fraction activities, you must first complete the following tasks:

  1. Create the waste fraction. For further information, go to Creating custom waste fractions.
  2. Map an associated emission factor to the waste fraction and assign a disposal method. For further information, go to Mapping emission factors to waste fractions.

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  1. In the Diligent ESG toolbar, select Data Management and select GHG Activities.
  2. In the table, navigate to the relevant waste activity and select Select beside that row.
  3. Select Config and select the Greenhouse Gas Emissions tab. 
  4. In the Calculation Method dropdown, select Waste.
  5. In the Select preferred reporting framework dropdown, select the relevant emission factors source. This source should match the Emission factor source that you selected in the Emission Factor Source dropdown when mapping the emission factor. DEFRA/DECC is the most commonly selected source.
  6. Select Save.