Before you can configure the HighBond integration, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a HighBond token. For further information, go to Creating and managing HighBond access tokens.
  2. In the HighBond Results app, add a collection or select an existing collection. For further information, go to Working with collections.
  3. Add an analysis to a collection or select an existing analysis. Forfurther information, go to Working with analyses.
  4. Create a data analytic table to save data from Diligent ESG. For further information, go to Working with tables.
    Note: Do not upload records to the table after you create the table. Skip this step.
  5. Assign a user with the role of HighBond Integration Admin. A company admin can assign only one user with the HighBondIntegrationAdmin role in the account. For further information about assigning this role, go to Creating a new user?
    Note: This role is only available for accounts who have subscribed to the ESG Board Reporting package.

Important: Only the user that has been assigned with the HighBondIntegrationAdmin role can configure the integration. 

  1. To configure the HighBond integration, select the Settings icon and select Manage Settings.
  2. Select the Application Settings tab.
  3. In the Configure HighBond integration section, select Edit.
  4. Select the Enable HighBond integration for Company checkbox.
  5. In the Integration User dropdown, select the user to be the HighBond integration administrator.
  6. In the HighBond target region dropdown, select the region where the company’s HighBond is based.
  7. In the HighBond Table ID field, enter the ID to connect to HighBond table. You can find this ID in the Tables tab of your HighBond collection.
    Note: For security reasons, the ID that you enter is encrypted and hidden from view.
  8. In the HighBond API Key field, enter the API key to connect with the HighBond integration.
  9. Select Save.

After you configure the integration, a user with the Admin role in the Results app publishes the data to Activity Center. For further information, go to Publish the Results app data to the Activity Center app.

After this you can use your data in Activity Center. For further information, go to Managing dashboards in the Activity Center app.

Note: To see the data set in Activity Center, you must have a Report Admin role.