The original Waste Module allows organizations to collect Waste emissions data based on the DEFRA waste groupings. It is designed to assist clients if they do not require a customized breakdown of their waste data. 

The more recent CSR Waste Fractions Module allows the organization to create their own Waste groupings based on internal naming conventions, and map them to an associated published waste emission from 1. DEFRA, 2. US EPA and/or 3. custom emission factor. This module allows the organization to also distinguish between waste groupings that are Hazardous vs Non-hazardous. The Waste Fractions module allows for more flexibility in reporting.

Original Waste ModuleWaste Fractions Module
Source CategoryWasteSustainability - Environmental Indicators
Activity TypeWasteWaste by Type and Disposal Method
End-Use OptionsFacility Waste Disposal, Not specifiedProduction, Non-Production
Activity ConfigurationSet to DEFRA by defaultNo emission factor (EF) set is configured, each activity needs to be configured to DEFRA, US EPA or custom
Waste OptionsSet to DEFRA by defaultOptions are created through Manage Settings
Waste TypesNot specified (unable to break out hazardous vs non-hazardous)Hazardous, Non-Hazardous
DashboardWaste DashboardWaste Management
Instant ReportsWaste ReportsWaste Management Reports
Emissions DataCan be extracted through Dashboards and ReportsCan be extracted through Dashboards and Reports
Waste Weight DataCan be extracted through Dashboards and Reports
Can be extracted through Dashboards and Reports