A Mapping ID is applied to a GHG Activity and is the unique 'link' between a row of data within your spreadsheet and the GHG Activity you wish to upload the data to. Please see Support article on what is a Mapping ID within the Excel Upload folder. Also, see Support article on how to add a Mapping ID to an activity within the FAQ folder. A GHG Activity can have more than one Mapping ID, e.g., a Meter number, Activity ID and a description for an activity. There is no impact on historical data if you wish to change the Mapping ID from one ID to another. When you add a second or third Mapping ID to the activity and use this new Mapping ID in your template for the next upload, this won't affect reporting. However, there may be an issue if the Mapping ID is already linked to another GHG Activity in the system. Before adding another Mapping ID to an activity, please ensure the Mapping ID is not already in use, for example, as shown in the images below.

Step 1. Navigate to the GHG Activities screen by clicking on the 'Data Management' menu icon and selecting the GHG Activities screen:

Step 2. Use the Upload Mapping IDs field to search for the Mapping ID and if 'No Activities found' then the ID is not in use by an existing activity and can be added if you wish. Note that the date picker on top of the screen on the right-hand side can be pulled back to search through the system:

Any queries regarding Mapping IDs for GHG activities please contact support@accuvio.com