You can select a report, buildings, filters, and date range, and save these settings in a new report template. You can select the saved template and run report based on the previously saved filters and settings. You can also edit, delete, and make them private or public so other users can also use the report template.

  1. Select Reports and select Instant Reports.
  2. In the Report Treeview Filter section, select the locations, businesses, entities, or buildings that you want to run the report on. For further information about selecting buildings and assets, go to Including and excluding buildings in a report.
  3. In the Report Settings section, select the report type, date, and any other report settings. For further information, go to Creating an instant report.
  4. In the Report Data Filters section, expand a section, such as Scope or Data Streams, and select or clear the checkboxes to further filter the information.
  5. Select Save Template and select Save as.
  6. In the Save Template window, in the Title field, enter a name for the template.
  7. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description of the settings and filters applied to the template.
  8. In the Privacy section, select Public or Private.
  9. Select Save.