Users can select a report, buildings, filters and date period and save the report template. This allows the user to select the previously saved template and run the report based on the previous saved filters, speeding up the reporting process. The templates can also be edited, deleted and can be made private or public allowing other users to use the report template. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Instant Reports screen by clicking on “Reports” menu icon at the top of the screen and selecting "Instant Reports" from the drop down as shown below.

Step 2: Select the organisational entity/business entity/buildings you wish to run the report for by ticking/unticking beside the Reports Treeview filter.

Step 3: Next select the Report Type, Report and Date period, refine the content that will be displayed in the report by using the Scope, Activity Type, and Activity Input filters. Deselect/select what you wish to include in the report template.

Step 4: Once all the filters and selections are made, click on "Save As" to save the report template for future use. A box will appear, input the report template Title and a Description. The templates can be made private or public allowing other users to use the report template.

The Report Template is now saved and can be selecting and used in future by selecting the Report Template name from Select Configuration drop down menu.