You can use the Instant Reports section to run Greenhouse Gas, Energy Use, Usage and Cost, Corporate Social Responsibility, and other specific reports. You can save customized report templates for future use by you or other users.

  1. Select Reports and select Instant Reports.
  2. In the Report Treeview Filter section, select the locations, businesses, entities, or buildings that you want to run the report on. For further information about selecting buildings and assets. For further information, go to Including or excluding buildings in a report.
  3. In the Select a report type dropdown, select a report type, such as Energy Use or Waste Management.
  4. In the Select a report dropdown, select a specific report type. These specific report types may open more fields and dropdowns for you to complete.
  5. In the Select report template dropdown, select a previously created and saved report template. For further information about report templates, go to Creating a report template.
  6. In the Select date field, enter a date range for the report.
  7. In the Report Data Filters section, expand a section, such as Scope or Data Streams, and select or clear the checkboxes to further filter the information in the report. These filters change depending on the report type you select, for example it shows energy specific filters if you have chosen an energy report.
  8. Select Run Report and select one of the following options:
  • Display Report: Creates the report instantly within the same page. In the new window, you can export the report. For further information, go to Exporting a report. We recommend that you use this for most reports.
  • Notify Me When Ready: Creates the report in the background. If you select this, you will be sent an email when the report is ready. We recommend that you use this for more large-scale reports.
    These reports expire after 24 hours.
        9. Select Display Report or Notify Me When Ready.
       10. (Optional) Select Show My Reports to view reports created using the Notify Me When Ready option.