Email Reminders and Alerts allow administrators to set up activity owners for each activity who will receive email alerts for data input. Activity Managers can also be setup to receive escalation emails/alerts when users do not input data within a certain time period. 

To set up mass Email Reminders and Alerts across your activities follow the steps below:

Step 1: To begin, navigate to the GHG Activities screen by selecting the Data Management menu icon at the top of the screen and clicking on GHG activities from the drop down. Once on the GHG Activities screen click on the "Settings" button above the chart as shown below. Bulk Activity Settings button is available on the GHG Activities screen, Meters Screen, Transport screen and EED:A8 Screen. Users can go to any of these screens to use the Bulk Settings feature. For this example the GHG activities screen is used. 

Step 2: Once the Settings button is clicked a box will appear asking do you want to configure: 

A - Data Completeness
B - Anomaly Testing
C - Email Reminders and Alerts
Select C to configure Anomaly testing settings for activities and meters.

Step 3: On the next screen tick the box to enable Email Reminders and Alerts for activities (A below), once the box is ticked the user can select if they want to set up email reminders for Data completeness (B) and/or Anomalies (C). 

Step 4:  Once the email reminders are enabled, the user must complete the setup by selecting email addresses and choosing number of days to wait before sending out subsequent reminders and escalations after original alert (D) .

E -  Admin users can select activity owners. The user can assign tasks to individuals by selecting the email address on the left and clicking the arrow in the centre. These individuals (Activity Owner) are responsible for the data entry for this activity. A manager can also be set up to oversee the activity and ensure the data is inputted. The manager will only get escalation emails if the user has not inputted the data and has ignored an email alert.  Click Activity Manager tab to select a Manager to receive escalation emails and activity owner tab to set owner.

Click Continue when finished.


Step 5: On this screen users will select the activities they wish to apply the Email reminders and alerts settings to. There is an activity table that shows all activities in the system if you wish to apply settings to all activities click continue. If you wish to filter this list use the three filters at the top A (company), B (All Activity Types) and C (All Countries) to determine what activities you wish to mass apply the Email reminders and alerts settings to. 

A - Company: By org structure for example apply email reminders and alerts settings to all activities assigned to a certain building
B - By activity types: select a specific activity type for example Air Transport and apply these settings to all air transport activities in the system.
C - All Countries: for example select United Kingdom and apply settings to all UK activities.
These filters can be used together to determine what activities the user wishes to apply settings to. For example select Activity Type: Purchased Used and Electricity and Country type France to apply settings to all electricity activities in France. 

Click Finish when you have selected the activities you wish to mass apply the email reminders and alerts settings to.

Step 6: The Email reminders and alerts settings for the selected activities are now being setup, once the system has completed the setup the user will receive an email of completion. Click close to finish the process.