Emissions that account for the direct CO2 impact of burning biomass and biofuels. Full reporting of any fuel from a biogenic source should have the ‘Biomass’ CO2 value documented to ensure complete accounting for the emissions created. Biomass can be turned on/off through the selector on the left of the main screens under Scopes.


Biomass example: In order to fully account for the biofuel content in 'diesel (average biofuel blend)' and 'petrol (average biofuel blend)', which both contain a percentage of biofuel blended with the standard mineral oil fuel. Organisations must report both the emissions from the combustion of the fuel (scope 1) and the biogenic portion of the fuel (outside of scopes) i.e. in neither scope 1, 2 or 3.


●  All fuels with biogenic content should have the ‘outside of scope’ emissions reported to ensure a complete picture of an organisations’ emissions is created

●  All outside of scopes energy-based factors are provided on a net CV basis