If required a user can upload and attach any document or image to serve as an audit trail using the “Add New Documents" button within a data entry. This is usually done during the manual data entry, but can also be added afterwards. This would commonly consist of scanned PDF documents of the original invoices or photos of odometers, meters, or refrigeration unit information plates. 


Step 1: Navigate to the Data Management > GHG Activities section and select the activity you wish to attach a reference document to, using the tree view, selectors and filter search to refine the list. 

Step 3: Once the activity is selected, click the Edit button beside the data entry you wish to add a Reference Document to.

Step 4: Next click on "Add New Documents" beside the Reference Documents option and choose the document to attach from your computer. Please note the maximum size of a reference Document that can be attached is 11.09 Mb, if files are larger that this they will need to be compressed before attaching.

Step 5: When you are finished, input a note in the space provided detailing what the attachment contains, and click "Save".


The document is now attached to the activity or auditing.