In the User management section, administrators can edit other user profiles. They can activate, lock out, change the password, and assign user roles and buildings to the user.

  1. Select the Settings icon and select User Management.
  2. Beside the user that you change the access level of, select Select.
  3. In the Activated section, select the checkbox to activate a user profile.
    Note: Select Resend activation email to send the user an email to activate their profile.
  4. In the Locked Out section, select the checkbox to lock out a user profile.
  5. Select Reset Password to send an email to a user to change their password and select OK
  6. In the Role dropdown, select the new role for the user.   
  7. To assign buildings to a user, complete the following steps: 
    1. Select View and Assign Buildings to this user.
    2. In the navigation tree, select the checkboxes beside the countries or locations of the buildings.
    3. In the table, select the checkboxes beside the buildings that you want to assign to the user.
    4. Select Save.
  8. Select Save to save your edits.