Administrator users can change/edit other users in the User management section, they can activate, lock out, change password and assign user roles and buildings to the user.

Step 1: Select the settings icon from the top right of the screen and then click on "User Management" button from the drop down menu. 

Step 2: Click "Select" beside the user you wish to edit:

  • To activate a user: Tick the box beside "Activated" and click "Save". The user account is now activated.
  • To lock out a user: Tick the box beside "Enable Lock Out" and click "Save". The user is now locked out of the system.
  • To change a user password: Click on the "Reset Password" and click "Save".
  • To change a user role: Click on the drop down menu beside role and select the desired level for this user and click "Save".  
  • To assign buildings to a user: Click on View and Assign Buildings to this user. Un-tick the check boxes along side the asset/building that you do not wish this user to see as shown below. Once the buildings are selected/deselected click on the Save button.  The buildings are now assign to the user.