The Diligent ESG API is the developer interface for Diligent ESG platform. You can use the API to send activity entry (usage) data to Diligent ESG from your internal systems. For further information about how to use Diligent ESG API, go to Diligent ESG - Accuvio API. 

Important: You must have your company's ID to send an API request. For further information, go to Copying your company’s ID 

For these steps, we are using a Chrome browser, but you can use other browsers with comparable REST extensions. 

  1. Install REST Client APIsHub as an extension to your Chrome browser.  
  2. In your Chrome browser, select the Extensions icon  and select REST Client APIsHub. 
  3. In REST Client APIsHub, in the GET field, enter{CompanyID}/activities but replace {CompanyID} with your organization's company ID. For example, where the {CompanyID} is 312. In this example, you would receive a list of activities that have been configured for your company with the ID 312.
  4. Select the Headers tab, and in the Attribute Name field, enter Authorization. 
  5. In the Attribute Value field, enter Bearer followed by your organization’s API key. 
  6. Select Send.