Adding references and attaching documents

You can add references to links or attach documents to each section, editor or survey, or within a survey question type.

  1. In the Contributor view, select Attach Document/Reference to add references or documents to a section 
  2. In the Add Documents & References window, choose from one of the following options:
    • Select Document, select Browse, select the document, and select Open to attach a document .
    • Select Link, in the field, enter an address to reference a link.
      Note: A green light appears next to the reference if it has been accepted. A red light appears next to the reference if it has not been accepted. This may mean that the file type is not accepted by Diligent ESG Author. Contact for confirmation.
  3. In the Description field, enter a description and select Save. The reference appears at the bottom of the screen. You can also select the paper icon to view the description of the document or reference. 
  4. Select a document file name to download a document.
  5. Select a reference link name to open that link in a new tab.
  6. Select the X icon next to the to delete a reference.

Adding tags to reference other report sections

You can use tags to reference another report section within Diligent ESG Author that may be related or relevant to the current section. Creating a tag does not mean that any of the data in the tagged section is imported to the current section. Creating a tag can be viewed as similar to creating a footnote or reference.

Note: You can only add tags within Editor style questions. 

  1. Highlight a piece of text and choose from one of the following options:
    • Right-click on the highlighted text and select Add Tag.
    • In the toolbar, select the TagContent icon.
      The text becomes outlined in a continuous green line and the Tags panel opens. All reports within the Diligent ESG Author module are presented on the panel. 
  2. Select the Arrow icon next to a report to expand and view all sections of that report.
  3. Expand the report until you locate the desired section and to add a tag, select the section. Add as many tags you require. This is no limit to the number of tags that you can add. Added tags appear in the field above the listed reports in the Tags panel.
  4. Select any text within the continuous green line to view the tags attached to it. 
  5. In the Tags panel, select the X icon next to the relevant tagged section to delete an added tag.
  6. Right-click any text within the green continuous line and select Delete Tag to delete all tags added to a piece of text.

Adding hyperlinks to Editor questions

You can add a hyperlink to a web or email address or an anchor using the Hyperlink Manager feature.

  1. Highlight the desired content, and in the toolbar, select the Hyperlink Manager icon.
  2. Select the Hyperlink, Anchor, or E-mail tab, and enter the details of the hyperlink or anchor.
  3. Select OK.