Diligent ESG Author provides a platform for gathering content for use in Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Investor/ESG Questionnaires and Ratings Programmes. The Author module enables organizations to capture and reuse content, ensuring consistent and accurate responses to investors and on ESG questionnaires. Diligent ESG Author is a collaborative tool that facilitates the process of the submission and review of content by multiple stakeholders. 

There are two distinct question categories in Diligent ESG Author, Word and Survey:

  • Word style questions operate very similar to a Word document.
  • Survey style questions allow administrators to present with a preformatted document to fill out.

After logging into the system, you may be presented with a variety of landing pages. Depending on user access requirements, the system may automatically direct you to the Diligent ESG Author module. If so, you see the screen above and do not need to navigate further.

Alternatively, after logging in you may be presented with the Dashboard landing page. 

  • If so, from the toolbar, select Author.