If you wish to view your total emissions associated with a particular site, source category, scope, etc., it is possible to do so via a multitude of available Greenhouse Gas Emissions reports available within the 'Instant Reports' screen. 

The GHG Emissions Trend Report provides users with the ability to group data by desired Time Periods (e.g. Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly), and Group By options (e.g. Scope, Source Category, Buildings, Activities, Inputs, etc.) and Report Units (e.g. Tonnes, Kilograms, US Short Tons, etc.). 

This GHG Emissions Trend report also allows for users to review change indicators which can indicate % change of data from time period to time period. To enable this function, select on 'Yes' beside the Show change indicator field. 

Please see an example of how to run this Emissions report below:

Once you are happy with the filters applied, select on 'Run Report' > 'Display Report'/'Notify Me When Ready' in order to view the associated emissions.