You can use the Reports section to run a Change Log report that provides a history of the changes to activity, building, and user data.

CompanyAdmin and Auditor user types can see and run Change Log reports for all buildings or companies.

SiteManager, SiteOperator, SiteAdministrator, Writer, and Reader user types can see and run Change Log reports for their building or company.

  1. Select Reports and select Change Log.
  2. In the Date Range fields, enter a date range for the report.
     The default date range is two weeks from today‚Äôs date and the maximum date range is 30 days. For a single-day report, select the same start and end date.
  3. In the Report type column, select the dropdown and select Activity, User, or Building to filter the table by report type.
  4. In the Related item field, enter an activity name, building name, or username to find a specific change event related to it.
  5. Select Show Change Log to complete creating the report. When the report is ready, you receive a notification on the bell icon.
    Note: The report automatically displays the change logs for the default date range. This updates after you select Show Change Log.
  6. In the Change type or Related item dropdowns, select an option to filter the table.
  7. In the More details column, select the Expand for more details icon to expand a change event. A change event can have several rows of data changes. Each row contains the details of the field name, and the data before and after listed for each change.