If you have created activities in bulk via the 'Add New Activity' method, there iare 2 options:

1. Remove in bulk

2. Remove individual activities

1. Remove in Bulk:

This is a good option if no data has been added to these activities. Please see steps below:

  1. Select on 'Data Management' then select on 'Add New Activity' from the drop-down list. Alternatively, select on 'Data Management' > 'GHG Activities' and then select on 'Add New Activity' within this screen.  
  2. Select on 'Activity Creation History' as seen below: 
  3. Select on 'Complete' beside the activities which you have created. 
  4. Select on 'Undo' in order to roll-back this upload. 

2. Remove individual activities

This option is more appropriate if there are a small number of activities to remove, some of which have data.

  1. Select on 'Data Management' then select on 'GHG Activities'.
  2. Identify the individual activities that you wish to remove by using the Data Filters and/or the Search filters.
  3. Select on the bin icon in order to delete the activity:
  4. If there is data within the activity, it will prompt you with a notification suggesting "Are you sure you want to delete this activity and its data item(s) permanently?".By clicking 'OK' you are agreeing to also remove the data within the activity.