Quick Connect (email data entry) – A data upload feature allowing the user or supplier to email activity data directly to the software, reducing the data entry time and possibility of human error. This feature can also accept emails from other systems such as energy or BMS systems on a daily or hourly basis.

- Feeds can be half-hourly, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
- The data is loaded 100% correctly, 100% of the time ready for analysis on screen.
- Immediate visualisation of data through interactive dashboards.

How does it work?
Most business systems have the ability to email a data file or report to a person’s email address at a recurring period, for example at 9am every morning. A report/data file can be quickly setup to be run and emailed at a set time to a specific email address every day. 

What is required?

Reports which would be suitable for automated uploads would need to include certain information to enable the system to upload data. Reports would need to include a column for the Date for which the data would be uploaded for, the data Quantity value itself, and the Mapping IDs of the activities this data is to be uploaded to. There may be other data fields required have these can be set up as default to apply to all uploads when setting up the Quick Connect. These reports will need to be provided in a csv format.

If the report you are looking to set up an automated upload and the report contains the above information, please send a sample of this report to support@accuvio.com who will verify the configuration and work with the Technical Team to set this up within the account. Please note there is a cost per QuickConnect set-up.