1. Date Formatting:

The dates which are stated within the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' columns of the Data Upload Template are required to be in the European date format dd/mm/yyyy. If you are having trouble with this, then hover your mouse over the date cell, right click and select on 'Format Cells'. You will be brought to a list of options where you can format the cell to a Date format of dd/mm/yyyy

2. End Date occurring before the start date:

The system will not accept a row of data within a Data Upload Template, if the End Date of the data entry occurs before the Start Date. This will therefore be an invalid data entry as it is not possible. 

3. Incorrect Mapping ID:

The system will not accept a Data Upload Template sheet if it cannot recognise a mapping ID. All mapping ID's which have been created within your account are located in the mapping ID column of the GHG Activities screen. 

4. Empty cells:

For each row of data within the Data Upload Template, each of the Mandatory columns needs to be filled in. If any of the mandatory columns are empty then the system will not upload the sheet. 

5. Unavailable options:
Within certain columns of the Data Upload Template, you will note that there is a drop-down list of options available. This is because the system will only accept certain options. Please select an option from the available drop-down list within these columns (e.g. Activity Input, Fuels, Calorific Value Basis, Reference, Currency). If you wish to enter an option which is not available on the drop-down list then please contact support@accuvio.com for more assistance.