When setting up a survey, there are a number of important steps as highlighted below.

1. We recommend that you test your survey (especially if not the commuter survey), please contact Support.

Please ensure that all survey questions and text have been created as you would like before sending the survey to a test group of recipients. This list of recipients can be sent in an excel format to Support, please include all regions for which each employee is situated so that no region will experience technical issues.

2. You will need to decide on which email address you will be sending this survey from.

For example, survey@accuvio.com or whichever email you will be sending this survey from.

3. Please note that the accuvio.com domain will need to be whitelisted by your organisation's IT team across all regions if the survey will be sent from Diligent ESG. We recommend that the accuvio.com domain has been whitelisted across all regions prior to sending test surveys to ensure that no region will experience technical issues.

4. Please provide a full list of recipients for the test survey to Support e.g., in an excel format, and if possible please include the regions for which each employee is situated.

5. Please provide the outline of the email template you wish to send to the recipients. 

The email being sent will have a link automatically embedded within the email for each recipient to click on. We also recommend that a contact be provided within this cover email in case recipients have related queries. We can include the contact for support@accuvio.com, but if recipients have any queries regarding the survey and how best to answer, it is best to include a contact from your organization within this cover email.

6. You will need to schedule open and closure dates.

When filling out the survey settings within the survey tool you will be asked to provide key dates for the survey (including survey commencement and closure dates, survey notification dates, survey reminder dates). Please ensure that you have placed the same dates (e.g., survey closure date) within the survey settings and the survey cover email. You will also have the option for an email reminder to be sent to all recipients, this requires setting an email reminder date within the survey settings and the same email will be sent out to those who have not submitted a response on this date.

7. Once the above steps have been taken and the accuvio.com domain has been whitelisted, test surveys and the release of the full survey will be scheduled to take place.

If you have any queries or requests in relation to setting up a survey please contact Support