The Employee Commuter Survey is a survey sent out to all relevant staff of an organisation to determine how they get to and from their workplace, so that the subsequent Scope 3 Employee Commuter emissions can be determined. This includes how often they commute per week, what mode of transport they use, and how long their commute is. 

Upon completion of the survey, each respondent receives a notification of their overall emissions being emitted during their commute. 

The results of each individual survey is tracked within the Survey Module for reporting purposes, and the relevant emissions are tracked and directed into the appropriate Employee Commuter activities at each individual site. Subsequently, the associated Scope 3 Employee Commuting emissions will appear within both the GHG Dashboards and GHG Reports. 

The Diligent ESG team can provide you with a Commuter Survey template for review before this is enabled within your account. Please contact if you wish to enquire further.