In order to apply an intensity metric to your data, whether this is your GHG Emissions data or your Energy data, we would recommend that you run a 'Trend' report. See examples of trend reports below:

GHG Emissions Trend Report (Fig. 1):

Energy Use Trend Report (Fig. 2):

Within each of these trend reports, there is a field for which you can select whether you would like your values to be 'Absolute' or 'Normalised' (as outlined on Fig. 3).

Select on 'Normalised' where two further fields will be presented to you which are 'Metric' and 'Metric Units'. Here you should identify the intensity metric that you wish to apply to the report as well as it's associated units. 

(Fig. 3)

Please note: you will need to have created intensity metrics/key performance metrics within the key Performance Metrics screen of your account before these metrics can be applied within these trend reports. If you see that there are no 'Metric' options appearing within the Trend reports, this is likely because no intensity metrics have been created yet within your account.