Energy Generation data can be collected in the system in ‘Energy Generation’ activities. Energy Generation (Electricity and/or Heat) activities do not collect emissions data. These activities are created to record solely energy data and data is collected in energy units such as Kilowatt-hour or Gigajoules. This energy may be generated on-site and consumed on-site or alternatively it may have been energy that was generated on-site and then exported/sold. The user will need to specify prior to the creation of the activity whether the energy was consumed on-site or exported/sold.

If the generation source is renewable such as Solar-PV then no emissions are required to be calculated, however the energy being produced is still recorded within the account. If the source is indicated as being non-renewable (e.g. Diesel) then the amount of diesel being combusted during this energy generation process will need to be recorded within a Scope 1 Stationary Combustion activity in order to account for the emissions. 

The Energy Production Dashboard shows the energy that has been recorded within Energy Generation activities only (i.e. Electricity, Heat, Steam Cooling Generation activities), where the generation is from both non-renewable fuel sources and renewable sources. 

Therefore, in certain cases, the energy generation from renewable sources (e.g. Solar-PV, Wind, Hydro) will be populated into both the Energy Use Dashboard and the Energy Production Dashboard.

If Energy is Generated and then exported from non-renewable fuel sources, then this Energy Generated data appears within the Energy Production Dashboard (while the energy usage from the combustion of the fuel still falls under the energy Use Dashboards and Reports).

If you want to switch on the Energy Production Dashboard or if you have any queries please contact Support