A second Water Module (Water Management Module) had been developed to further define water streams. In doing so, a specific Water Dashboard had been developed to capture this data. 

The Water Dashboard shows the Water quantities which have been uploaded to the Water Management Module activities only. These water activities only collect water quantity data as standard and therefore does not calculate emissions by default. Please see the available Activity Type options within this Water Management module which subsequently appear within the Water Dashboard:

The GHG Dashboard shows the Water which has been uploaded to the original Water Module, as these water entries have been recorded in separate Water activities which record GHG emissions data. The original Water Module currently calculates emissions factors as standard for:

  • Water Supply (municipal water supply)
  • Wastewater Discharge (also referred to as water treatment) to publicly owned discharge facilities

These emissions factors are currently sourced from DEFRA by default. 

Please note that, there are equivalent municipal water supply and treatment input options available in the Water Management module. These would typically be:

Water Supply = Water Withdrawal -> Third Party Water 

Water Treatment = Water Discharge -> Third Party Water 

Any queries regarding water module options please contact support@accuvio.com