Adding a new activity can only be done by Administrators of the system or Site Administrators, if other users are looking to add new activities they should reach out to the Administrators of the account, or contact for further assistance.

When creating an electricity activity in the Unites States you will need to select the corresponding "Electricity Grid Region" for the region you are creating the electricity activity for. The Electricity Grid Region is determined by taking the zip code of the address where the electricity activity is being created and checking the Power Profile on the US EPA website. The emission rates for these zip codes are averages of sub region rates.

See the Power Profile on the US EPA website here: 

Step 1: In the GHG Activities screen select on "Add New Activity".

Step 2: Select the Source Category you wish to add this activity under, in this case we are going to add an electricity activity so we will select "Purchased & used Electricity" under Scope 2.

Step 3: Select the building you would like to add this activity to by clicking on the check-box beside the building. You can user the tree-view structure to the left or the search bar at the top of the list of activities to locate buildings. Once buildings are selected click on "Confirm buildings selection and go to next steps".

Step 4: On the next screen you will be prompted to select the "Electricity Grid Region" for the electricity activity you are adding. For this you can take the zip code of the building where this activity is being created, enter it into the power profiler on the US EPA website ( and when you have the eGRID region you can select it in the dropdown list of the screen.

Step 5: You can then add the Activity Name, and End Use as mandatory fields within the general settings of the activity, and additional details as you wish including Mapping ID, Data Completeness, Email Reminders, etc. and click on "Save".