For clients who submitting to CDP, there are CDP Instant Reports which will be made available within their account through the "Instant Reports" screen of the system.


CDP reports available include those for CDP sections C5 Emissions Methodology, C6 Emissions Data, C7 Emissions Breakdown, and C8 Energy.


Step 1: Select on "Reports" and then "Instant Reports" from the top of the screen.

Step 2: Select on "Carbon Disclosure Project" in the Report Type, and the select the year in the "CDP report Year" field.

Step 3: You can then select which report you wish to generate in the next field and select on "Run Report" once you are happy with your selection. 

Step 4: A drop-down list will appear for you to select on either 'Display Report' or 'Notify Me When Ready'. Click on the desired option, then click on it again to execute the report selection.