If you want numerical answers to the survey to form the basis of the greenhouse calculations in the main software please follow the below:

  1. Tick the 'Enable Activity Data Capture on this Survey Page' box. Ensure to create an 'Activity Data Question' for 'List of Company buildings' before adding an activity data question. 
  2. Please provide the date period the activity data applies to using the date picker section. Be mindful of leap years i.e Feb 29th, 30th and 31st.

3. Item 1: You can elect to customize the number of each question or alternatively the question ID will be used.

    Item 2: Enter the question you want to appear to the user here. Eg. Please choose your country from the drop-down list.

    Item 3: If you want to provide additional guidance to the user you can enter this here.

    Item 4: If you want the question to be mandatory then please tick this box.

    Item 5: If you wish to filter answers based on the answer to this question please click 'Key Question' Eg. If you want to filter answer reports by country tick this box.

    Item 6: For commuter survey please tick this box.

    Item 7: Select the type of activity data question. For this below example question 'What country are you in?' You would select 'List of company countries' here.

  •     Click 'Add Question'

4. Now you have established what country the user is based you need to establish what building/office in this country that the user is based. To do this please create a new question as per the steps above however for Item 6 please select 'List of Company building' per below screenshot. Click Add Question and Save Page.

5. The next suggested question for an employee commuter survey would be 'How many days per week on average do you normally commute to the selected office?' In this example you will be choosing 'Activity data value quantity input' and then 'Drop Down list'. The below Choice list/Advanced box will appear. Using the highlighted boxes enter the answers you wish to appear to users. Then click 'Add choice to list'. Click Add Question. 


7. The next suggested question for an employee commuter survey would be 'Please provide the details of at least one segment of your daily commuting journey?' In this example you will be choosing 'Commuting or Travel Related Question' and the Basic/Advanced box below will appear. The most important and mandatory field here is the requirement to enter the question number of the earlier question 'How many days per week on average do you normally commute to the selected office?' You can select a choice of four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish and French) that the questions can be presented in. A text box is provided so that you may input additional explanatory text for the respondent. Please see below screenshot for some example text.

Clicked on advanced tab. Here you can enter any non-GHG related modes of transport i.e modes of transport that do not have an associated emissions eg. Walking, cycling etc. Add these by entering the activity names in the box highlighted below then clicking 'Add'. You can delete any entries you wish by clicking on the entry in the greyed box to the right and then clicking the X button as circled in the below screenshot. Click 'Add Question' and then 'Save Page'.