Step 1: To create/select recipients for a survey please select 'Recipients' from the survey main menu as per below.

Step 2: In the below screen you will see two tabs -'Survey Recipients' and 'Create Recipients List'.  Please navigate to 'Create Recipients List'. You can either select one of the 'Recipient Groups' (Item A) and add additional users to this group. Alternatively you can create a new list/recipient group list but entering the list name in the box (item B) provided and clicking 'Add New List'. As you will see from below you can either manually add recipients one by one by entering their email and name in the boxes highlighted below and then clicking 'Add Recipient'. Alternatively you can add all survey recipients to an excel file and upload them all at once using the 'Upload Recipients' button below. 

Step 3: Please now select the 'Survey Recipients' tab per below. 

Step 4: Select the list you have just created from the drop down menu and click 'Add List to Survey'. 

Step 5: Click 'Finished'.