The Instant Reporting screen allows users to run Greenhouse Gas, Energy Use, Usage and Cost, Corporate Social Responsibility, and other specific reports. Users can also save customised report templates for future use by themselves or other users. 


Step 1: Navigate to the Instant Reports screen by clicking on ‘Reports’ menu icon at the top of the screen and selecting ‘Instant Reports’ from the dropdown menu.


Step 2Once on the Instant Reports screen select the organisational entity/business you wish to run the report for. This ensures only the chosen entities data will be in the generated report. Using the organisational tree-view structure on the left of the screen, select the organisational entity/business you wish to run the report for. If you wish to run a report for the full company, select the top node (usually the parent company name). 

By selecting/deselecting individual buildings this allows user to define the content of the report. Users can also search for the building they wish to run the report for by inputting the building name into the search box provided at the top of the company tree-view structure. Users can also view the tree-view by Organisational View or by Geographic view by selecting the tabs at the top of the tree-view box.

Step 3:  Next select the report you wish to generate. Select the type of report from the ‘Select a report type’ dropdown menu, and then select the report you wish to generate. For example if you select Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the report type, you will see only greenhouse gas specific reports in the next dropdown field.

Step 4: The 'Select report template' option allows users to choose from previously saved report templates. Users can save report templates by selecting a report, specific filters, date period, and clicking ‘Save Template’. The user saves the report template under a specific name and provides a description, they can then choose to run that report in the future by selecting it from the ‘Select Template’ menu. If you do not want to use a previously saved template leave the ‘Select Template’ drop down at 'Select one'. 

Step 5: Select the date you wish to run the report for, and choose the type of information you wish to display in the report by using ‘Report Data Filters’ filtering by ‘Scope’, ‘Activity Sources and Types’, ‘Activity Inputs’, and 'Data Streams'. These filters will change depending on the category of reports you have chosen for example it will show energy specific filters if you have chosen an energy report. These filters allow a user to filter the report to just display a certain scope, or a certain activity type.

Step 6: Once all desired filters are applied, click on ‘Run Report’ and the required report will be displayed on screen to the user once the system has loaded this report.