After you have saved the settings for future uploads, you can use the same layout in the upload sheet and the Repeat Upload feature. For example, if you are uploading Electricity data every month into an activity, you can save the mapping layout when completing the first upload. Then next month you can select the Repeat Upload feature and choose the saved settings to automatically upload using them.

  1. In Diligent ESG toolbar, select Data Management and select GHG ActivitiesEnergy Use ActivitiesMeter Manager, or Transport.
  2. Use the Organisation and Geographic tabs or the column filter fields to search for an activity.
  3.  Select Select beside an activity that you want to repeat an upload for.
  4. Select Repeat Upload.
  5. In the IDName, and Description dropdown, select from the options to filter the list of saved settings.
  6. In the Previous Uploads section, select Select beside the saved upload settings that you want to reuse. You can expand the row to view the details of the saved upload settings.
  7. In the File Upload section, select Select, and select the spreadsheet from your files.
  8. Select Continue. You are redirected to the Upload History tab to view the upload progress of the file.