Step 1: Navigate to GHG Activity screen and select the Activity that you want to upload data to (C) to using the (A) tree view, selectors and (B) search filter.

Step 2: Once the activity is selected, in the activity or meter screen click on the “New Upload” button.

Go through the steps on screen to complete the upload:

1.Category step
2.Check List step
3.File Upload step
4.Sheet Selection step
Until you get to the Column Mapping step as shown below. Once the columns are mapped correctly for the spreadsheet, tick the box beside Save Settings for reuse? at the bottom of the screen (A in the image below)and click Finish (B).  



Step 3: Once the user clicks finish a box will appear Upload Settings Reuse where users can save these mappings and sheet selection settings to use in future uploads, the user must give the settings a name that they can then select when completing future uploads. Please ensure to give it a name and description you will recognize and be able to select for future uploads. Click Continue once the Name and Description for the saved settings has been added to finish the upload. For this example electricity was used.

The user has now saved the settings for electricity upload, next time the user is completing an upload into the same activity type, they can use the same layout in the upload sheet and the Repeat Upload button. This will allows the user to upload the next excel sheet almost instantly using the saved mapping settings from a previous upload. For example if a user is uploading Electricity data ever month or quarter into an activity they can save the mapping layout when completing the first upload by giving it a name and then next month click repeat upload and choose the saved settings and it will upload automatically using the mapping saved from the previous upload.


Using Repeat Upload

Step 1: In the Activity data screen of the activity, click on the Repeat Upload Button as shown below.

Step 2: On the next screen select the saved upload settings you wish to use. Users can use the search filter (A) at the top to search by name, description or ID.To find out more information about each setting users can click on > (B) beside each one. Once you have found the upload settings you wish to use click select (C) to use the settings for your upload file.  

Step 3: Next browse and attach the upload file and click continue once the file is attached. 

 Step 4: The next screen is the upload history screen showing the files upload progress. The file is now uploaded. 

Once that the upload settings are saved user can use the repeat upload button instead of the Single Activity upload (New Upload) to speed up the data entry process.