If the user does not know the leakage rate, the user can use an estimated annual leakage rate for the type of equipment. Choose from the lists below:


Type of Equipment and their Estimated Annual Leakage

Type of Equipment  Annual Leakage Rate
Domestic Refrigeration 0.30%
Small Hermetic Stand-Alone Refrigeration Units 1.50%
Condensing Units 10.00%
Centralised Supermarket Refrigeration Systems 17.00%
Industrial Systems 8.00%
Small Stationary Air Conditioning 3.00%
Medium Stationary Air Conditioning 6.00%
Large Stationary Air Conditioning (Chillers) 3.00%
Heat Pumps 6.00%
Land Transport Refrigeration 15.00%
Marine Transport Refrigeration 39.00%
Light-Duty Mobile Air Conditioning  10.00%
Other Mobile Air Conditioning 10.00%

IPPC All Countries Leakage Rates

Table 2. Default Assumptions from IPCC Good Practice Guidelines*
Application Annual Leakage Rate
Domestic Refrigeration 0.1 - 0.5 %
Stand-Alone Commercial Applications 1 - 10 %
Medium and Large Commercial refrigeration 10 - 30 %
Transport Refrigeration 15 - 50 %
Industrial Refrigeration including Food Processing and Cold Storage 7 - 25 %
Chillers 2 - 15 %
Residential and Commercial A/C, including Heat Pumps 1 - 5 %
Mobile Air Conditioners 10 - 20 %
* These values are from IPCC Good Practice Guidelines and Uncertainty Management in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (2000).These default values are provided for reference purposes only as their wide range can result in highly variable calculation outcomes. If a value is chosen from within the range, that value should be used consistently from reporting period to reporting period or year to year. They should only be used if entity-specific data are not available, but an inventory that uses these values should be considered preliminary.