Air-conditioning and Refrigeration data cannot be uploaded to the Diligent ESG system, the data must be entered manually. As this type of data is added once or twice a year.

The screening method relies on the use of emission factors which are equipment specific and requires certain information:

Type of Equipment , Refrigeration Unit Make/Model, Number of Units, Equipment Charge Capacity (kg), Number of Service Years used during this Reporting Period (0.5 = six months)    

Annual Leakage Rate (%) ,  and Refrigerant Type 

Step 1: Navigate to the GHG Activity screen by clicking on the Data Management icon at the top of the screen, and then select the GHG Activities tab from the drop down. 

Step 2: Browse, filter or search for emissions activity (C), you wish to add data to using the tree view, the filters (A below) or the filter search (indicated by items B in the figure below).

Important Note: The user will only see activities for facilities/assets and buildings that he/she has been granted access to by the administrator. 

Step 3: Click on the refrigeration/air conditioning activity in the list that you wish to add new data to as indicated by item C above. You then see the activity data analysis screen for that activity. 

Step 4: To add new data, click on the "Add New Data" button at the top of the activity data table as highlighted below.

Step 5: On the next screen, choose the Screening method tab to the add the data and information for the Refrigeration or Air-Conditioning activity.

Information required:

  • Start Date and End Date
  • Type of Equipment
  • Refrigeration Unit Make/Model             
  • Number of Units           
  • Equipment Charge Capacity (kg)             
  • Number of Service Years used during this Reporting Period (0.5 = six months)   
  • Annual Leakage Rate (%)
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Reference type - the source of this information/reading for example an Engineers log
  • Reference ID: The reference number from the source. 
  • Notes/Comments - this is optional.

Click save once all the information is entered. The data is now added to the activity. 

Note: The start date and end date are not used in the calculation of the refrigerant emissions, the "Number of Service Years used during this Reporting Period" is. It is important you input the correct information.