The Data Entry Status report allows users to track and monitor data entry tasks by activity over time. The report shows which activities/meters are Missing data, Up To Date, Pending, Overdue or Waiting. The Data Completeness screen table can also be exported into a report excel format.


Step 1: Navigate to the reports screen, by clicking on the “Reports” menu icon at the top of the screen and selecting 'Instant Reports'.

Step 2: Select 'Usage and Cost' in the report type field, and select 'Data Entry Status' as the report. Once you have selected these you can use the organisational tree-view structure to filter the buildings you wish to view in this report, or the data filters below the report settings screen, and select the time period you wish to pull the report for.


Step 3: Once all desired filters are applied, click on 'Run Report' and the required report will be generated. To export the report to excel, PDF or word, click on the export button highlighted below.