To upload Building and Meters, or just meters follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Meter screen by selecting the 'Data Management' icon on the top of the screen and the 'Meter Manager' tab from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Once on the meter screen, select the 'Bulk Import Meters' button above the meter table as shown below.

Step 3: Next select the 'New Meter Import' tab, and click select to upload the meter upload file from your computer, click 'Continue' when finished. If you wish to look at previous uploads or rollback an upload click the 'Import History' tab.

Step 4: Next match the columns in the chosen sheet to the database field using the dropdown options on screen, a default value can be chosen for some of the options if a matching option is not available in the spreadsheet. Click 'Finish' when all the columns have been mapped. The user must have building and meter information in the spreadsheet.

Step 5: After clicking on the 'Finish' button the uploads progress screen is displayed. As the file is uploaded, the software validates the data within it, checks for inconsistencies and will stop with an error if any erroneous data is detected. Once the progress indicator goes to 100% you will see all your Meters assigned to the relevant Buildings. If an error occurs, regardless of the type of error, zero of the data is applied to the database.