A Meter can be given a Date Opened and Date Closed ensuring the meter and its data will not appear in reports, charts and data completeness screen outside its Start and End date.

Closure Steps:

Step 1: To close a Meter, select the desired Meter from the Meter Manager screen. Search for the meter using the Tree view (A), Date period (B), Utility Type (C) and Search filter (D) at the top of the meter list to refine the meters displayed.

Step 2: On the next screen of the selected meter, select the Config tab.

 Step 3: Click on the General Settings tab and Edit the Date Opened and Date Closed section (A below) of the Meter on screen and click Save.


The Meter will now be closed and will appear on the Meter Summary screen with (Closed) beside it and in the Data Completeness screen. Users will be unable to add data to this Meter past the closure date.

Note: Should a user close the wrong Meter by mistake, the feature allows the Meter to be reopened simply by removing the Closure Date.