Step 1: Navigate to the Document Manager screen by selecting the menu icon Documents at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Once on the Document Manager screen, select the Org Node (A) or building you wish to add a document to,  and click Add New Document button (B below).  


Step 3: On the next screen click the Browse button and select the Document you wish to save in the Documents, next provide a description of the document and click Save. The tag(s) can be assigned afterwards.

Step 4:
Next select the Manage Tags button (A) on the Documents screen, when the next screen appears select the Add new record button (B) and insert the required tag for example Supplier Info/EU Permit, then click insert and close. A tag allows the user to search quickly for the document using the tag in the search bar. It is like a folder. 

Step 5: To assign the tag to a certain document select the Edit Document button above the Documents table.

 Next, assign the tag by ticking the appropriate tag (A) and click Save.

Using the Edit Document button the user can also change the organisational node (B above) the document is attached to, and edit the name and description (C above) of the document. Click save when finished. 

Step 6:
 There is also the option to delete and download the documents on the Document Manager screen.