Well to tank (WTT): enables organisations to account for the emissions associated with extracting, refining, and transportation of the raw fuel to the vehicle, asset or process under scrutiny. These were previously known as scope 3, total indirect Greenhouse gases. It describes the upstream impacts of the activity, and has its own set of emission factors and specific WTT listing in Scope 3.

Step 1: Begin by navigating to settings section by selecting the settings menu icon  on the top right side of the screen (Item A below).

Step 2: Next select the “Manage Setting” button from the dropdown list (Item B below).

Step 3: Once the user is on the “Manage Settings” screen, select 'Greenhouse Gas settings' from the menu to the left (Item C below)

Step 4:  Once the user is on the “GHG Settings” screen, click edit (Item D below). Select or deselect the WTT to include or not include WTT and click save.